Electric Nail Drill Machine
Electric Nail Drill Machine

Electric Nail Drill Machine| Features & How to use it

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Nail Tools Electric Nail Drill Machine 20000RPM Manicure Drill Accessory Pedicure Nail Art Equipment Drill Pen Kit

Product Description

Electric Nail Drill Machine For Sale

  • Item Type: Set & Kit
  • Quantity: 1 SET
  • Size: 13.5 x 9 x 6.2 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Name: Electric Nail Drill Machine
  • Nail Drill Machine For: Polishing Manicure, Pedicure, False/Fake Nails
  • Nail Drill Accessories: Nail Drill Bits and Nail Files Sanding Bands
  • Nail Drill Machine Voltage: 220V EU Plug / 110V US Plug
  • Designed for Polishing: Nail, Teeth, Moulds, Jades, Jewellery & Other Precise Polishing
  • Electric Nail Drill Handle: 3 x 14 cm
  • Electric Nail Drill Machine Color: Pink Electric Nail Drill Machine
  • Package Including: Nail Drill Machine, Handpiece/Handle, Drill Bits 

    Over View on Electric Nail Drill Machine

    The choice of selecting any beauty product or item by any self cared girl or young attractive women is always made according to their taste, need and focus on the nature of their hands and nail structure. Otherwise the professional are always waiting for you on the other hand and with their perfection and definitely a slight cost to that as well. You can do manicure at home on your own but in most cases it took allot of time and effort. Today most of the girls or women do need a electric nail driller or a manicure set with all tools. With the help of this special machine you can shape your nails with your desired needs, you can polish your nails, remove cuticles and treat the sides very easily and confidently. This electric nail driller is very easy to use and allows your nail to be treated very gently without any prior needs to take a start. The major feature of this machine is that it will save your time and money as well, which you usually spent in saloons to maintain your beauty appearance especially in the manner of manicure. We are here to help you choose what is best for you and your precious hands and will also explain the usage and every key features.  

    What is Electric Nail Drill Machine & How to use it?

    First of all you need to understand clearly that what is electric nail driller set and how it is so very useful. It is a portable and chargeable device or machine with the nozzles of different sizes and edges which you can use to adjust the speed of the drilling, and this complete kit includes all the necessary things which can be used during the care of your nails or manicure. You can grind and polish your nails with no time, just think let the electric nail driller do the job and it’s done within no time. There is a chance of the difference with in the settings, as many companies are designing this electric nail driller machine, so the configuration may vary, but the efficiency you can trust with your eyes closed. There are many numbers of tools and nozzles which can be adjusted according to your need and style. In most common words this is a complete professional set and very easy to operate that anyone can use no need to a professional. There are two types of electric nail driller machine:  
    1. Commercial Use
    2. Home Use

    Difference between Commercial & Home use of Nail Drill Machine

    The difference between commercial and home machine is the count of nozzles and nothing else, no change in efficiency or anything else, just to satisfy the big fishes, they made in on commercial level too :). For home usage there are 10 nozzles by default with packing, you can add more if you want, and there is a special nozzle for the lovers, means if a your lover wants to paint your nails in romance but do not even know how to do that, he/she can really make that happen by using that special nozzle, especially designed for them, isn’t fantastic? Not only this feature, electric nail driller machine comes with a built in UV light to dry your nails very smoothly with extreme perfection.  

    The Benefits of Electric Nail Driller Machine


    A very useful tool to enhance your beauty experience saves your time and money and the best part, the device is portable and easy to carry.


    No condition to sooth your nails before doing manicure, you can easily remove the cuticle and with the 100% guarantee to save your skin and nails.


    No need to buy multiple small tools or devices for your manicure, it will only waste your time and money. But with the help of great nozzle range of electric nail driller machine you can do whatever you want, where ever you want and most importantly the way you want.

    You can use electric nail drill machine for the shaping of your nails no matter the artificial nails or natural, it will work smoothly in both cases.


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